2023 Partnership Opportunities

The Hanover Ag Society

The Hanover Ag Society is an incorporated, non-profit  organization run by community volunteers that provides the  opportunity to educate, promote, and celebrate agriculture and rural living. We are based in Grunthal, Manitoba in the Rural Municipality of Hanover, both of which were born as  agricultural centers, and continue to be such. The economics and business of agriculture are dominant in each event and our events feature strong ties to family, relationship,  tradition, and heritage. Since its beginning, the Hanover Ag Society has expanded to feature multiple events of different genres aimed to bring the community together.

What’s in store for 2023?

In 2023, we will continue to pursue our fundraising campaign of the expansion of the existing rodeo canteen to include a fully operational community kitchen which will include multi grill/fryer capacity, a meeting area plus additional storage space. 

Elsewhere at Hanover Ag Exhibition Park, in what will be our 77th year, we remain focused on keeping our society and grounds vibrant and active throughout the year whether that be via rental opportunities like weddings, concerts, barrel racing, etc or the tried and true Hanover Ag produced events that have become staples of the region like the Spring Twist Off and the Hanover Ag Fair. 

We are in this together!

As always, sponsorship is a key component in making our grounds usable and our events possible. 

Sponsor partnerships with the Hanover Ag Society can take several forms; the most common types are either Title sponsorship of an event or building, sponsorship of a part of an event (i.e. bullfighters, replay screen, kiss cam, etc), or  signage sponsorship spaces where your company’s signage would be displayed on the grounds from May to October catching the attention of all who come through for an event or the other avenues of usage of Hanover Ag Exhibition Park.

We take any chance we get to celebrate and promote our sponsors both at the events, as well as leading up to through our marketing. Marketing for our events will be done through radio, print, web, mobile billboard, and other creative cross-promotional events. 

In this package we have outlined the above mentioned sponsorship opportunities, however, we are open to being creative to make a partnership that works for all involved.

 Signage is to be supplied by the sponsor prior to May 15, 2023 in the size indicated in the details pertaining to each respective sponsorship level. If the sponsor wishes, Hanover Ag can facilitate signage production on the sponsor’s behalf, at their cost.

Seasonal Signage Opportunities

There are several different levels that would see your company signage displayed in optimum locations throughout Hanover Ag Exhibition Park from May through October, 2023.  This creates exposure for any and all events and gatherings held on the grounds through that time whether it be events like weekly barrel racing, a school concert or the 77th annual Hanover Ag Fair

For Event Specific Sponsorships

Get in touch for a copy of our 2023 Sponsorship Guide or to discuss a unique sponsorship opportunity!

Premier Gate Sponsor - $5000 (or $4,500/ year for a 3 year commitment)

12 Available

  •   One of 12 semi-permanent 4×8 banners on prominent location in the upper arena.  
  •   Banner anchored from May- October 2023 
  •   Additional 2×8 ground level signage during Hanover Ag’s Bull Riders Canada Invitational event.  
  •   2 tickets for Hanover AG’s Bull Riders Canada Invitational event 
  •   Hanoverag.com –  Website Feature with logo, company description and hyperlink.
  •   Social Media recognition including sponsor profile as well as paid campaigns to feature sponsors with over 100,000 reach targeting Manitoba.

Backstage Pass - $3000 (or $2,500/ year for a 3 year commitment)

16 Available

  •   4 x 8 banner posted along concert wall from May- October 2023 
  •   Logo/hyperlink posted on hanoverag.com Sponsor Page 
  •   Social Media coverage reaching thousands across Manitoba on Facebook & Instagram with a variety of top-engagement placements across both platforms.

Rodeo Sponsor - $1500

  •   2×8 ground level mesh banner placed in the livestock arena for the season (supplied by you).
  •   2×8 ground level black coroplast banner supplied by Hanover Ag placed in the smaller custom ring during bull riding events.
  •   Logo and hyperlink posted on hanoverag.com sponsor page 
  •   Social Media coverage reaching thousands across Manitoba on multiple platforms.

Paint the Barn Red - $750

  •   2 x 8 banner hung on north side of barn from May – October 2023 
  •   Logo on hanoverag.com sponsors page

Friend of the Fair - $250

  • Logo included on a shared friend of Hanover Ag coroplast banner posted at all Hanover Ag  Society events. 
  • Logo/Name posted on hanoverag.com sponsor page.

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