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About the Hanover Agricultural Society

2020 marks Hanover Ag Society’s 75th year serving the community; providing opportunities to educate, promote and celebrate agriculture and rural living.

The Hanover Ag Society is a non-profit organization, run by dedicated volunteers, that present the annual Hanover Ag Fair on the third weekend of August, as well as a Spring Rodeo in May. The Society consists of an elected board of directors, as well as many other volunteers who serve as organizers for specific events and activities.

Below is a glimpse of how the Hanover Ag Society is organized

Board of Directors

Curtis Dawydiuk

President, Sponsorship Director

Nathan Penner

Vice President, Sponsorship Director

Ash Wiebe

Vice President

Naomi Murray


Tamara Martens


Laurie Unrau


Sunnie Toews

Staffing Coordinator

Karen Wiebe

Staffing Coordinator

Mick Serceau

Facilities Coordinator

Wayne LeMay

Entertainment Coordinator

Kara Friesen

Livestock Events Coordinator

Char Toews

Guest Services Coordinator

Jenn Reimer

Family Events Coordinator

Clint Begalke

Motorsport Coordinator

Connie LeMay

Entertainment Coordinator

Mary Kehler

Food Services Coordinator

Carla Campbell

Supporting Attractions Coordinator, Admission Coordinator

Nathaniel Martens

Livestock Events Coordinator

Chris Reimer

Facilities Coordinator

Brad Suderman

Public Safety Coordinator

Grants & Recognition

The Hanover Ag Society sends out a big thank you to each of the listed granting companies for their financial assistance.

MB L&L logo

The Small Capital Sponsorship Program, sponsored by Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries, provided the Hanover Ag Society with financial assistance for: coolers for our canteens, a hand-wash station and four port-a-potties.

Manitoba Liquor & Lotteries has been our exclusive volunteer sponsor for the past 5 years!

Canada Gov website

Building Communities Through Arts & Heritage, sponsored by the Canadian government, supports the Hanover Ag Fair for engaging citizens in and around our community through arts and heritage.

Manitoba Gov website

The Community Festivals and Events program, sponsored by our provincial governments, provided financial assistance to the Hanover Ag Fair for supporting volunteers in organizing their community’s signature annual festival and increasing community participation in a significant annual community event which celebrates and reflects the character of the community.


Rural Municipality of Hanover


The RM of Hanover has been a valued and dedicated partner to the Hanover Ag Society both financially and through attendance and volunteer work.



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