2019 | Spring Rodeo: May 25 | Hanover Ag Fair: August 15-18 | Heartland Finals: September 14 & 15

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Please select a vendor class that represents you:
Non-Profit Organization Information -- Promoting and raising awareness, but not selling anything
Non-Profit Organization Fundraising -- Information, raising awareness, fundraising through selling tickets or other products. Selling food is subject to Manitoba food handing regulations. Contact the Hanover Ag Fair for further clarification.
Commercial Display -- Promoting a business and or products, but not selling anything.
Merchandise Vendor -- Selling non-food products and merchandise.
Food Vendor -- Selling food. Must have valid Manitoba Health permit.

MB Health Permit #:

-- Optional Service. 110 v 15 amp circuit. Limited availability. First come first served basis. You must provide your own extension cords. Up to 100 ft.
Fee is for one space 12' x 10’ (Additional space-sold at 50% off). It is a reserved piece of ground. We do not provide tables, chairs, tents, shelters, extension cords or anything else. The fee is the same even if you only set up for one day. Fee includes two vendor passes per day.

Please list all products or services being exhibited and or sold. List all food items to be sold if applicable. No fireworks, firecrackers, or toy firearms are permitted on the grounds for display or purchase. The Hanover Ag Fair also reserves the right to limit or restrict what may be sold by any individual vendor.
Hanover Ag Fair Hours
Thursday Aug 15: 6 pm-10 pm*
Friday Aug 16: 12 pm-11pm
Saturday Aug 17: 12 pm-11pm
Sunday Aug 18: 12 pm-6pm
Set-up Times:
Thursday 3pm-6pm*
Friday 9am-Noon
Saturday 8am-Noon
* There is no overnight security on Thursday night.
The Hanover Ag Fair provides hired overnight security on Friday and Saturday nights starting at 10 pm.
Vendors need to have their booths ready and service vehicles cleared when the gates open each day. Vehicle access to your booth may be restricted until the end of each day.

All vendors should have their own liability insurance. The Hanover Ag Fair is covered and protected by its insurance in the event of an incident on the grounds. You will not be protected by our insurance. You should have your own!

I (we) understand that the charge for space is as listed above, and the charge for hydro service is $ 75. Full payment is required but does not guarantee space.
I (we) understand that the Hanover Ag Fair reserves the right to accept or reject this application. If this application is rejected, payment will be refunded in full. Approved vendors will be notified by the Vendor Coordinator. There will be no refunds for cancelled space.
I (we) the undersigned agree to the terms and conditions to indemnify and save harmless the RM of Hanover, LUD of Grunthal, The Hanover Ag Society, its committee, employees, volunteers, and agents from any and all claims for loss or injury to person or property howsoever caused arising out of the vendor’s participation in the Hanover Ag Fair.
I agree to these terms and conditions
Payment Method
 Pay Pal Cheque
If you selected paypal, you will receive a request for payment in your email within 2 business days for the options you have selected.
Cheques can be made out to "Hanover Ag Society", and mailed along with a copy of your confirmation email to
Hanover Ag Fair, Attn Vendor Coordinator, Box 441 Grunthal MB ROA ORO
Questions or Concerns? Please email vendor@hanoverag.com
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