2019 | Spring Rodeo: May 25 | Hanover Ag Fair: August 15-18 | Heartland Finals: September 14 & 15

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Registration Fee-$100
Payment will be collected on-site at the beginning of the tournament
I and my team understand that we will enter the Event at our own risk and will abide by all of the rules and regulations. I (we) will accept the decision of the Judges as final. I (we) are fully aware that this event is a “Zero – Tolerance” Event regarding the consumption of or possession of alcohol or illegal drugs. I (we) understand that if I (we) consume alcohol throughout the duration of the Event or have any alcohol or illegal drugs in our possession or on the property during the Event, I (we) will remove ourselves from the Event or expect to be removed from the Event. Any violation of the rules will result in forfeiture of prizes and entry fees.
I/We agree to these terms and conditions ______ (initial)
I (we) understand that any broomball activity can be dangerous and has risks for loss or damage of equipment, and injury or death for the participant. By checking this box I (we) agree to the terms and conditions to indemnify and save harmless the RM of Hanover, LUD of Grunthal, The Winter Carnival Committee, The Hanover Ag Society, its committee, employees, volunteers, and agents from any and all claims for loss or injury to person or property howsoever caused arising out of the contestant’s participation in the Winter Carnival Broomball Tournament.
I agree to the limit of liability ______ (initial)
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